Paul Regan Photography Services

Wedding Photography

When you have put so much time and effort into planning the perfect wedding, you want to be able to relive the experience whenever you can. I capture images which tell the story of your wedding day as it happens, memorizing each heartfelt moment in beautiful images which you can treasure for the rest of your life.

I have worked with couples across the UK, in locations such as London and the Home Counties, as well as urban and rural areas, using my unique reportage style to capture images of genuine emotion. I document the entire wedding day from start to finish, capturing everything from the nervous preparations in the morning, right up until the end of the day, when the newlyweds leave to go on their honeymoon.

There are many things that you need to be concerned about on the day, and I understand this perfectly. From arranging florists and cars for aunties to getting page boys dressed, and keeping them dressed, you have enough to worry about without feeling like a photographer is intruding on your personal space. This is why I try to be as discreet and unobtrusive as possible. I will be like a very quiet guest, waiting in the wings to capture spontaneous, intimate moments like a stolen kiss between the two lovers or a tear in a proud parents' eye.

I work on getting to know a couple a little before the wedding day so that I know they will be comfortable enough to trust me to see them at their wedding of their dreams. This allows me to capture, real authentic images, which express the true nature of the emotions experienced during the day.

I am always aware of the fact that your wedding is your special day.
I feel honoured to be invited and to offer my services to make this event more memorable for you and your new spouse as well as your friends and family.

Engagement Photography

Pictures of your engagement are a testament to your love for and committed to one another. I take relaxed, natural engagement photographs, which showcase both your unique personalities as well as your style as a couple. Some couples choose to use their engagement photos for wedding invitations, while others simply add them to their wedding portfolio. I offer engagement photography as part of your wedding day package or as a separate service.

Honeymoon Photography

I can travel with you to your honeymoon destination, to take pictures of you and your new spouse, enjoying your first few days as a married couple. Whether you would like me to capture images of the two of you relaxing at the pool or on the beach or experiencing something more adventurous, like jet skiing or hang gliding, I will be with you for each and every moment.

Corporate Photography

As a photographer with many years of experience in the industry, I always maintain the highest levels of professionalism when working with any corporate client. I am highly skilled in capturing polished, professional images which help companies achieve their marketing objectives.

I have worked with organisations in the private, public and nonprofit sectors, covering events such as:

  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Product Launches
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Luncheons
  • Boat Parties
  • High Teas
  • End of Year & Christmas Parties

Corporate Portraits Photography

I am also experienced at taking professional portraits for organisations who would like to use images of their key personnel as part of internal or external marketing materials. While all my portraits are always sleek and sophisticated, I make sure that the unique personality of the each individual shines through.

Events Photography

If you are looking for a professional, yet fun-loving photographer to capture the joy, laughter and all the crazy fun at your special event, contact me today. I capture spontaneous moments of guests enjoying the celebrations as they happen and compile them into a sequence of happy moments in a slideshow, which you can watch afterward at any time.

I have worked on a variety of events for private clients throughout London, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Graduations
  • Hen Parties
  • Stag Parties
  • Christenings
  • First Communions

I also offer nightclub photography, taking photos of you and your friends enjoying your weekend out clubbing. I will even travel with you to international party locations throughout the world, in Barcelona, New York, and Las Vegas, among others.

Charity Events

Whether it be a gala evening, awards event or sports day, I offer and cover any charity fundraising event in London and as well as other locations throughout the UK. I capture images of performances, speeches, and other staged events, and take photos of guests who attended the event.

Sports Photography

I provide professional photo coverage of sporting events all around London and abroad. My sports photography work has ranged from live action shots of world-renowned athletes to red carpet photos of A-list celebrities attending major sporting events in London.

I regularly cover many sporting and social events, such as the Royal Ascot, hosted just on the outskirts of London, and smaller racing and polo events throughout the Greater London area. I have also taken photographs at huge sporting events, hosting over 50 000 people, at London’s Wembley Stadium. No event is too big or too small for me to cover and I am also willing to travel all around the world to get that perfect shot at major sporting events.
Over the last few years, I have taken a particular interest in MMA and Boxing Events. As an athlete myself, I understand the dedication required to get yourself ready for the big day and how many hours, blood,
sweat, and tears, go into preparing for the fight ahead. During each MMA or boxing event, I make sure to get into the heart of the action, to showcase the fierce energy present in the cage during each fight. You can see some of the images I have have had the privilege to view through my lens, in my gallery or on the MMA Facebook page


London: I am based in London/Kent borders and travel throughout the Greater London area, working with individual clients as well as organisations in the private and public sectors.

National & International: I also work throughout the UK, traveling to locations in Scotland, Ireland and Wales.
In 2018 I will be taking pictures for a wedding in Croatia